2 de feb. de 2020


We are so proud to see Charly (Manuel Sampedro), one of our most experienced skippers, sailing a dorna in this promotional film about the coastal pilgrimage way to Santiago. He smoothly skippers the old sailboat, Áncora, along the lovely Atlantic estuary called Ria de Arousa, in Galiza, where our racing club is based.

Áncora is one of Lajareu's most trophy winning dornas. She's a ten fourth keel dorna (5.5 m full length). On the Atlantic coast of Galiza there are several estuaries or fjords, where dorna races take place from March to September, involving around twenty clubs like Lajareu, promoting traditional sailing and maritime heritage preservation.

Local authorities -like in this case "Arousa Norte"- are promoting the coastal pilgrimage walkway to Santiago de Compostela, evoking the legend of St Jame's body sea transfer from Middle East to Galiza, Europe's Land's End. This set therefore the roots (A Orixe) of a multicultural movement of people from all around Europe during the last ten centuries, probably as long as our dornas have been sailing the Galician coast.

Thanks for this, Charly. Very well done!

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